Chinese hairdresser creates Tiananmen hair sculptures

By : K.J. Kwon
Date posted :2009-08-06 00:09:00

BEIJING (Reuters Life!) - You've seen sculptures in stone. And wood. Now there's even human hair.

A Beijing hairdresser is preparing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Communist China's founding with a replica of the buildings and monuments around Tiananmen Square -- all made entirely of human hair.

So far, Huang Xin has completed the Monument to the People's Heroes, and is putting the finishing touches to the Gate of Heavenly Peace or Tiananmen, complete with a miniature portrait of former Chairman Mao -- the only part not made of hair.

That leaves him with another two huge communist buildings -- the Great Hall of People and The National Museum of Chinese History -- to complete before the October 1 anniversary.

About 11 kg of hair and 500 yuan ($71) worth of hair dye and other supplies were used to build the Gate of Heavenly Peace replica, which is about a meter long.

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