Spanair crash result of human, technical error

By : (Corrects seventh paragraph to show commission recommends checking the take-off warning system prio
Date posted :2009-08-17 12:36:00

MADRID, Aug 17 (Reuters) - A systems failure and pilots' error combined to cause the crash of the Spanair jetliner that killed 154 people in Madrid last year, concluded a preliminary report released on Monday.

Spanair MD82's flaps and slats were not extended as the aircraft was preparing for takeoff, but this was not noticed during the pilots' routine pre-departure check and the automatic on-board system did not alert the error, Spain's Civil Aviation Accidents Commission said in its report.

"The aircraft had the standard procedures and check lists in force ... which included the selection and confirmation of the correct configuration for takeoff," the report said.

"The pilots used these procedures as a reference, but for some reason -- whether an interruption from the aircraft's first return to the terminal due to a mechanical problem, pressure due to time delays or faults in the cabin crew's work methods --, these were not strictly followed," it added.

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