Global hoteliers look east as recession bites

By : * China, India and Mideast top locations
Date posted :2009-05-10 09:01:00

* Accor plans to open 20 Ibis hotels in China this yr

By Tamara Walid

DUBAI, May 10 (Reuters) - Global hoteliers are pinning their hopes on the east's underserved leisure markets to offset falling revenue as holidaymakers and business travellers cut back to save money in the global downturn.

But growth from emerging markets will take time and the new locations still only make up a small proportion of hoteliers' overall businesses, analysts said.

"Worldwide, our major locations right now where most of the growth is, are China, India and the Middle East," Ed Fuller, president and managing director of Marriott Lodging International (MAR.N) told Reuters last week at a travel industry event in Dubai.

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