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What's Involved in Private Investigation Jobs

Author: Paul Ghossain

If you aspire to become a private investigator, be prepared as private investigators perform a variety of private investigation jobs.

Corporate and celebrity protection, pre-employment verifications, computer crimes, copyright infringements and individual background searches are only a few of the many services that private investigators can offer to companies.

Individuals more often hire private investigators to find a missing person, an adopted child's natural parents, or a birth father for a child custody case. And of course, private investigators are most often hired to find out and prove cases of spousal infidelity.

Surveillance is one of the many activities conducted by private investigators. In surveillance, a private investigator finds a good location where he or she does not appear conspicuous but still have a good view of what is happening. A private investigator might carry a special camera for private investigation jobs that require evidence, not just surveillance.

Much of the work of being a private investigator in the 21st century requires the use of computers to gather information. The Internet provides connections to vast storehouses of
information, especially public records. Thus, not only should a private investigator be street smart; he or she should also be computer and Internet savvy.

Many private investigation jobs require special knowledge in a field. This is the reason many private investigators specialize. A private investigator must learn additional information specific to the type of investigation he or she specializes in, which help a private investigator become better at the job as he or she gains experience. One example of an exciting specialization that requires a great deal of additional knowledge is that of a legal investigator. A legal investigator must have a strong grasp of civil and penal law so that he or she can find infractions.

A private investigator must focus on his or her client's needs. The investigator is obliged to share the findings of his or her investigation with only the client.

Three types of private investigators performing private investigation jobs:

1. Corporate investigators - Corporate investigators conduct both external and internal investigations in a corporation. They are hired to find out internal information on employees, such as whether an employee uses drugs or drinks alcohol while on the premises of their employer or whether an employee is stealing from the company. In an external investigation, corporate investigators may be hired to attempt to prevent any type of crime from the outside, such as intellectual property.

2. Economical or financial investigators - Financial investigators specialize in assisting certified public accountants.

3. Legal investigators - Legal investigators are employed by a lawyer or a law firm to help them find information regarding cases. They help lawyers prepare defense cases or civil suits by interviewing witnesses and gathering pertinent evidence.

Private investigation jobs offer different rates of pay depending on the circumstances of the case and the amount of specialization required of the investigator. Generally, it pays better to be a specialized investigator or to take on dangerous cases. However, being a company employee may provide more benefits and stable pay.

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