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Martin Luther King, Jr., Hero of American Black Jobs

The country has just celebrated a special day in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., hero of American Black jobs. A human rights activist born on January 15, 1929, he is remembered and honored for having struggled for equal human righs for American Blacks, and among his great legacies is having freed jobs for the Blacks in America.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a leader in the movement to end racial segregation in the United States. His most famous address was the "I Have A Dream" speech. He was an advocate of non-violent protest and became the youngest man to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

Thus, the Martin Luther King Day, a federal holiday marking his birth anniversary, and observed annually on the third Monday of January, aims to promote equal rights for all Americans, whatever their backgrounds be. Many schools and other institutions for learning celebrate the life of this great man by by teaching their pupils or students about the work of Martin Luther King and the struggle against racial segregation and racism.

At a time when American Blacks were still being marginalized and denied many rights, through the laws and social customs of the time, Martin Luther King, Jr. seeing the possibility of an America where black and white citizens were truly equal, joined in the fight for civil rights for black Americans.

A Baptist minister by training, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. sought to raise the public consciousness of racism, to end racial discrimination and segregation in the United States. While his goal was racial equality, King plotted out a series of smaller objectives that involved local grassroots campaigns for equal rights for African Americans.

By drawing nation-wide attention to segregation, King became a core organizer, one of the "Big Six", of the famous 1963 March on Washington, which demanded political and economic justice for all Americans. It was a public opportunity for King and his cohorts to place their concerns and grievances before the nation's capital, as expressed by King in his renowned "I Have a Dream" speech. The March on Washington not only led to the passage of significant civil rights legislation, but it also allowed King to advocate for other human rights causes like poverty and workers' rights. Read more here

The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, of which King was much a part of, was a major event in the centuries-long struggle to help Black Americans achieve equal rights. His speech delivered on that commemorative occasion was a speech of hope and determination, and it epitomized the message the marchers proclaimed of racial harmony and a belief that Black and White Americans could live together in peace. See more here

Martin Luther King, Jr. worked valiantly, tirelessly: he was arrested 30 times for his civil rights activities. An advocate of peaceful fight for reforms, his life ironically ended in violence when he was assasinated in 1968, yet the fruits of his dedicated struggle for equal rights and opportunities for jobs are already enjoyed by American Blacks today.

Indeed, there are still many problems Blacks face today, in the workplace, and in their search for work, but it is hoped that in the heart of each American, of every color, creed, nationality and background, the flame for freedom and equality continues to burn. The fight lives on.

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