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  • Let the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Stay
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Latin Times

    The Latin Times news reports about the possibility of the Supreme Court striking down on the Obamacare, on which deliberations were heard last Wedneday. According to reports, 4 liberal justices seem sympathetic to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while one is strongly against it - Justice Anthony Kennedy. The Latin Times also reported that Latinos in 34 states could lose access to healthcare. ...
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  • Dealing with the Influx of Border Children Through Education
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: USA Today

    USA Today reports about how national politics has "intrude(d)on a city that has struggled for years to overcome economic challenges and found one solution was to roll out the welcome mat to immigrants of diverse backgrounds." The report says that the city of Dayton has long been known to welcome immigrants from different parts of the world - from Africa, the Philippines, the Middle Ea ...
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  • The Ironies of Hispanic Americans at Work
    By: Consuelo Fajota
    News Source: Jobs and Career News for Hispanic Americans Blog

    Based on recent reports, it seems there are two striking ironies Hispanic Americans are faced with in the area of work and employment. First, despite the government shutdown that lasted 16 days, the latest employment report released Friday (November 8) by the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a surprising 204,000 new jobs were added to the U.S. economy in October. What was also surprising was ...
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  • For the undocumented, irony at work as jobs go unfilled
    By: George Diaz
    News Source: Orlando Sentinel

    Juan was an excellent "prep chef" -- a guy who did grunt work like marinating -- for the primary chef at a Central Florida Cuban restaurant. Juan, from Mexico, was employed for a couple of years before a payroll company running the books for the restaurant noticed a discrepancy in his Social Security number. It was bogus. He was fired immediately. Juan, his wife and two kids ...
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  • Young Latinas need our attention - now
    By: Raul Reyes
    News Source: USAToday Via Yahoo! News

    The neighbors felt sorry for my grandmother. "Pobrecita! (Poor thing!)" they used to say. "Five daughters to marry off!" The whispering blew around the block like the desert winds that swept through El Paso. Occasionally the murmurs would reach Grandma's ears. "¿Qué le importa? (What of it?)" she would fume. "I am not raising wives; I am raising young wom ...
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  • America must embrace Latino and Hispanic cultures
    News Source:

    How about a pinch of tolerance with whatever's brewing in that ol' melting pot? Decades after a passionate civil rights movement, a nation still finds itself divided by inexcusable racial and social barriers. We can continue to deny them, but we know they exist. As America continues to grow economically and socially, we must not forget one large, hardworking segment of our population: La ...
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  • Raise Wages, Not Walls
    News Source: New York Times

    THERE are two approaches to illegal immigration currently being debated in Congress. One, supported by the House, emphasizes border control and law enforcement, including a wall along the Mexican border and increased border patrols. The other, which is supported by the Bush administration and has been passed by the Senate, relies on employers to police the workplace. Both proposals have serious ...
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  • In Queens, It's the Glorious 4th, and 6th, and 16th, and 25th...
    News Source: The new York Times

    Independence Day is celebrated once a year in most of America. In Queens, the most ethnically diverse county in the nation, where an estimated 44 percent of the 2.2 million residents are foreign born, it is celebrated again and again and again. On March 25, Astoria was aflutter with blue and white flags, commemorating the 185th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek war of independence f ...
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  • Rethinking immigration
    News Source: News

    BUILD A fence. That's one low-tech, low-imagination idea being batted around Congress. It's as if addressing illegal immigration is like keeping rabbits out of lettuce patches. Congress has to do better, coming up with a sweeping plan. Illegal immigration is often a global story about how people pursue wealth, going from poor countries to richer ones in search of jobs that sometimes only ...
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  • Sizzling words, chilling charges
    News Source: Via Yahoo! News

    Sub-standard. "This Is AMERICA. WHEN ORDERING Please 'SPEAK ENGLISH' " Not exactly a warm and friendly greeting. Those small signs at Geno's Steaks, a Philadelphia cheese steak institution, have created a big controversy about free speech, immigration and discrimination. Owner Joe Vento, 66, believes it's an immigrant's duty to learn English, just as his Italian grandparents did ...
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  • Jobs could solve some Mexico woes
    By: David J. Lynch, USA TODAY
    News Source: USA Today

    Of all the ways to curb unauthorized human traffic across the USA's southern border, there's one remedy that few people are even discussing: creating more jobs in Mexico. The Mexican economy in 2006 is expected to post its third-consecutive year of better than 3% growth, but the jobs picture isn't as bright. Each year, about 1 million Mexicans enter the labor pool. But the economy creates on ...
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  • Health care, Latinos are top issues
    News Source: The Times

    A year ago, the Healthy Hall Initiative identified Hall County's most troubling social issues. Now, community leaders are searching for solutions. Lynda Askew, chairwoman of the Healthy Hall campaign and former vice president of community impact for United Way, briefed the Gainesville Rotary Club on Monday about the status of the project. "On Jan. 25 we sponsored a forum at the (Ge ...
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  • Census reflects growing diversity in Springfield
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    John Oke-Thomas, a Nigeria native, didn't expect to live in Springfield for long, but when he gave it a try 21 years ago, the architect stayed and has come to call home this predominantly white community. "For people new to town, the first thing you notice is not having the diversity that large cities in Missouri do," Oke-Thomas said. "But it's a way of learning you can be ...
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  • Mexican brothers travel a long way to earn a living
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: Morning Sentinel Online

    EMBDEN -- They are a long way from home. They are city natives working on a rural dairy farm. They were raised in dry desert warmth, but work now in bitter cold. They work mostly to benefit their families, who are nearly 3,000 miles away. They are Mexicans working in central Maine. They are the Ramirez brothers. Arturo, Pablo and Martin. They long for the comfort of their wives and c ...
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  • Laborers get 'good start' in struggle
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source:

    WOODBRIDGE - The trickle-down effect of rapid demographic shifts and a fractured national immigration policy played out in a crowded Prince William County courtroom last week. There, a dozen Latino immigrants, all of them legal U.S. residents and day laborers, faced misdemeanor charges of loitering, the legal consequence of a struggle with its roots in national politics and Northern Virg ...
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  • The new face of labor
    By: DiversityWorking staff
    News Source: Golf Business Magazine

    Successfully employing Hispanic workers at your course isn't just about learning the language. It is early in the Upstate New York golf season. A dozen or so Oak Hill Country Club maintenance workers are gathered in a conference room. A local college student studying to be a Spanish teacher writes the words "hose" and the Spanish equivalent "manguera" on a dry-erase board i ...
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  • Retail businesses set to capitalize on Growing Hispanic Market
    By: DiversityWorking Staff
    News Source: Charleston Regional Business Journal (

    This article reports on the increasing Hispanic population and the concurrent ascension of their purchasing power. Statistics shows that the last decade of the 20th century saw the dramatic rise of the number of Hispanics and Mexicans from Central and South America residing in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester: from 12,381 to 25,750. An article in the March 2003 edition of Wall Street Journal ...
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  • Some Hispanic Workers Fired for Joining Boycott
    By: DiversityWorking Staff
    News Source: Marin Independent Journal (

    This article reports on the Hispanic Workers who got terminated because of participating in a massive boycott as a sign of protest in the revoking of the law that “allow(s) undocumented immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.” Alvaro Tejeda, former chef of El Torito Restaurant, said he was fired even though he had informed his employer beforehand that he might join the boycott. Hundred ...
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  • Mexican President Vicente Fox Backs Bush on Work Visa Proposal
    By: DiversityWorking Staff
    News Source: Kgun9 (

    This news article discusses the alliance of U.S. President George Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox in promoting the program that would grant working visas to millions of Mexican workers to the United States. This means that Mexicans currently employed in America would no longer immigrate illegally, since they will be issued a “temporary working card that will allow them to travel back a ...
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