Hispanic or Latino, A Comic Strip Explains Difference

By: DiversityWorking Press
Date Posted: August 23, 2015
News Source: Vox

Many people today are confused as to the difference between the terms Hispanic and Latino; some may even think these are interchangeable, but they are not, according to comic artist Terry Blas in his comic strip in an effort to explain the difference.

Terry Blas comes from a bi-cultural family; his father is from Utah, while his mother was from Amecameca, Mexico. He identifies as Mexican, speaks Spanish and has visited more cities in Mexico than he has in the USA.

No wonder he feels more Mexican than American, especially as he was closer, more familiar with his mother's side of the family. He started using Hispanic or Latino interchangeably in identifying himself.

However, when he was a missionary in New York, his personal experience in meeting people who came from different countries in Latin America made him realize how many did not know the difference between "Hispanic" and "Latino."

It was then he learned the real difference:
Latino is a term that refers to geography; thus it means a Latino is a person from Latin America.
Hispanic is a term that refers to language; thus, Hispanic means coming from a country whose primary language is Spanish.
Terry Blas also notes that not all countries in Latin America has Spanish as their first language.

Still, as another article says - not all people agrees with this. According to the article writer German Lopez, "some Latinos and Latinas think Latin American countries that don't primarily speak Spanish — so a bunch of Caribbean countries and Brazil — aren't Latino, even though they're technically part of Latin America. Some Hispanic people think Spaniards shouldn't be considered Hispanic, since they argue the term should refer only to countries that Spain colonized. Some people from both groups think it's totally fine for anyone to identify as Hispanic or Latino as long as they have some Spanish or Latin American ancestry. Some people from Caribbean countries don't relate to Latino or Hispanic at all. Others prefer choosing another term, such as Chicano." - <a href="http://www.vox.com/2015/8/19/9179079/hispanic-latino">click here</a>

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Read the full article at Vox

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