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Old Pueblo Community Services - Employer Profile

Old Pueblo Community Services began in 1996, with one home and a mission to provide safe and affordable housing for persons leaving prison homeless. Within a short time, OPCS had become a reputable, supportive environment for men needing a Second Chance. Based on that reputation, OPCS grew from that one house to over ten recovery communities and numerous scattered site apartment units. This included the addition of reentry housing with employment supports funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development in 2002, and Veteran housing and services through contracts with the Southern Arizona Veterans Administration in 2005.

OPCS obtained behavioral health outpatient licensure in 2007, and started providing housing and treatment services for Veterans experiencing chronic homelessness and mental health conditions. This work grew to outpatient addiction treatment and behavioral health services for persons leaving institutions homeless, or living on the streets.

In 2013 OPCS formally adopted the Housing First approach to ending chronic homelessness in Tucson. Since that time we have opened over 100 low barrier bridge housing and shelter units for persons who with the highest need and vulnerability, but are not able to enter traditional high barrier shelters.

Today OPCS provides safe affordable housing options to approximately 400 persons every day. This includes site based communities with onsite case management and behavioral health supports, as well as individual permanent housing units scattered throughout Pima County. We employ a team of approximately 80 staff who assist approximately 2,000 persons per year, with over 500 moving into permanent housing each year.

In the next few years we look forward to expanding our reach into a larger inventory of affordable housing, and emerging as the community leader of evidence based Housing First approaches to ending homelessness in Pima County.