Diversity Careers at YRCI

YRCI - Employer Profile

We provide the right people, in the right place, at the right time... This is the basis of our success. We are a professional services firm focused on the “professional” in the services we provide. Industry has a number of choices when it comes to acquiring professional services in Acquisition, Human Resources (HR), and Financial Management. We are THE proven provider of services in our area of expertise with more than a decade of sustained superior performance.

We are not all things to any organization... We have chosen to excel in our three specific practice areas and have experience serving across government. When you need support in Acquisition, HR, and Financial Management Services, you want a firm that can arrive on time and deliver flawlessly. YRCI hires proven, technically screened, verified professionals. We will not use our clients as a training platform or professional development resource. Our professionals have the technical expertise to do the job, day one.

We make an effort to hire, retain, and maintain a dedicated and loyal employee base. Our staff of professional experts receive benefits on day one and are committed to YRCI and the project they are assigned to immediately. This unique characteristic sets us apart from our competitors, and other “do-all” companies focused on staff augmentation. We realize this approach sometimes puts us at a competitive disadvantage, but we think it is worth investing in our people, giving them stability and the professional respect they deserve and have earned.