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Employers realizing the importance of building diversity in the workplace rely on diversity job boards to help in their search of high caliber diversity talents. Countless job boards exist in the internet, many of which are general job boards, an example of which is Monster.com, a worldwide employment website. Others are niche boards, like DiversityWorking.com that focus specifically on diversity recruitment.

Niche boards focus on any number of criteria including specific market segments, professions, geographic area or other employment issues, such as diversity. While niche boards often have fewer jobs available than the larger generalist job boards, they are easier to navigate and ensure that both the employer and the candidate are on the same page. - See more at: http://www.hrmagazine.co.uk/hro/opinion/1018358/why-diversity-job-boards-role-play#sthash.E14LPwwV.dpuf

However, while there are diversity job boards that cater to the general diversity marketplace, some are more specialized diversity niche job boards catering to specific job fields or groups, such as minority groups, further classified into Blacks, Hispanic/Latin Americans, disabled people, military veterans and so on.

Here is a look at some of the popular diversity job boards online:

Imdiversity.com provides career and self-development information specifically to African-Americans, including college students, as well as Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans and women.

HireDiversity.com – Created in the late 1990’s was a niche diversity recruitment site and one of the first in the marketplace. The site has currently closed operations.

PharmaDiversity Job Board, as the name implies, is a niche job search engine that helps minority job seekers look for jobs in the pharmaceutical, biotech and healthcare industries.

WomenforHire.com is an online job board that brings women and diversity-focused companies together.

DiversityWorking.com is the largest diversity job board online that serves ALL diversity communities. It partners with some of the country's prestigious companies who are fully dedicated to diversity, and its list of member companies keep growing. DiversityWorking.com also runs a unique, powerful personal referral marketing system, SubmitReferral.com, and www.diversityworking.jobs, a job board where job seekers can find jobs from companies that endorse diversity and equal employment opportunities.

Steven Garcia of DiversityWorking.com, in stressing the need to hire diversity professionals says, "Employers today are looking to recruit from a quality diversity talent pool. They are advertising more on diversity job boards like DiversityWorking.com because they can't find diversity talent on other general job boards. They also want to showcase their brand to make sure it is known that there organization is a diversity minded employer."