DiversityWorking ~ Diversity Career Expo

What DiversityWorking.com's 2016 Virtual Diversity Career Expos have in store:

  • Reduced travel and other overhead expenses incurred in career fairs held offline
  • Slashed nonproductive time outside the office
  • No more hassle of manually setting up the booths and display
  • Filtering candidates to save the trouble of interviewing non-qualifiers
  • All resumes are sent straight to the applicant tracking system

What do you get in your Virtual Exhibit package?

  • your own Corporate Logo
  • an enticing Corporate Profile
  • an attractive 468 x 60 pixel banner
  • linkups to your employment website/s
  • a listing of immediate job openings
  • an organized compilation of recruiter contact information (by division or region)
  • a personalized "Thank You" message

We would be more than glad to provide you with further information or any assistance. Contact Steven Garcia at (949)388-8220 or kindly fill out the form below. Our Account Executive will contact you immediately to attend to your needs.

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