DiversityWorking ~ OFCCP

The latest compliance regulations set by the OFCCP demand not only job postings in order to satisfy "good faith efforts" when it comes to minority outreach, but also a development of a strong partnership within these diverse communities.

As a government contract holder, you need to show proof of a targeted recruiting and/or minority community outreach program for compliance purposes. DiversityWorking.com is not limited to just job postings, but also includes products and services focusing on your organizations commitment to all diversity communities including ethnic backgrounds, women, LGBT, and the Veterans Communities.

DiversityWorking.com has developed products and services to help Federal Contractors meet new regulations set forth from the OFCCP. A partnership with DiversityWorking.com will provide a more in depth commitment to all diversity communities whereby job postings alone will not meet the latest compliance regulations.

Please contact Steven Garcia at 949-388-8220 or by email at steven.garcia@diversityworking.com to learn more.

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What is the OFCCP?

The Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs is an enforcement division inside of the US department of Labor. Their mission is to ensure employers who receive Taxpayer Funds (commonly referred to Federal Contractors or Subcontractors) are adhering to fair recruitment, hiring, employment and pay practices.

This mission is based on the underlying principle that employment opportunities generated by Federal dollars should be available to all Americans on an equitable and fair basis.

  • OFCCP conducts periodic audits to identify any discriminatory workplace practices.

  • On average, any company who falls under OFCCP jurisdiction is audited 2 times every 3 years.

  • OFCCP audits are long, involved, and can be VERY costly.


Who falls under OFCCP Jurisdiction?

  • Approx 315,000 Federal Contractor Employers in the United States today

  • Approx 385,000 Federal Subcontractors in 2016….and growing fast.

  • *Nearly 1 in 3 American workers is employed by a Federal Contractor.