Elisabeth Jones Art Center Call for Submissions

Guest Curator

The Elisabeth Jones Art Center for Social and Environmental Justice is dedicated entirely to the development of an extensive range of art programs to advocate for environmental health and social justice for all our people.

Our vision is to feature challenging exhibitions and programming. As we launch our first year under new executive leadership and restructured as a 501c3, we seek to build community through the fresh perspectives of under-represented artists. We are excited to offer opportunities for engagement and education as a method of supporting a more informed and compassionate world, utilizing the main exhibit as the central core for programming.

Featured work and programming will be presented under the large and intersectional umbrellas of social and environmental justice. To that end we are seeking proposals from guest curators with compelling ideas who can help move these urgent conversations forward while cultivating communities with exhibitions, critical dialogue, events and symposia.

We seek guest curators for our 2022- 2024 exhibition seasons. Selected exhibitions will vary in length from two to four months with the first scheduled for April 2022. Curatorial stipends will start at $5500 honorarium per project for shorter shows. Direct exhibition related expenses, including shipping and handling of artwork, will be the responsibility of the art center.

There are many intersections of social justice with environmental health, sustainability and protection. We are looking for curators whose rich familiarity within these themes can envision artwork in the context of the Center itself and scholarly research. The Center will provide staff, institutional resources and experience in mounting each exhibit. Our guest curators will be responsible for providing unique project ideas, scholarly expertise, text, curatorial experience and unique contacts in the field - including selection of the artists.

Each exhibit will produce an exhibition catalogue that will be the result of a collaboration between the art center, a graphic designer and the guest curator. The content and approach can and should be unique within the format template of the Center. A style guide for different types of texts for visual consistency labels, extended didactic text, instructions on how to interact with the artwork, safety warnings and/or notices of violent or sexual content.

The Elisabeth Jones Center is located downtown in the northern blocks of the Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. We have 4000 square feet of exhibition space, expansive walls and ample natural and exhibition lighting in an historical building framed by old timber boasting 22 foot ceilings.

Exhibition proposals will be judged on the following merits:

  • Risk taking

  • Contemporary relevance to current issues

  • Work that is about social justice or environmental justice

  • Utilization of under-represented artists/themes/concepts

  • Quality (both conceptual and technical) of the artwork being exhibited

  • Scholarship

Once selected, contracts will include the scope of work details to include production schedule, professional expectations and resources, budget and support specifics, structure, and all other unique points for negotiation.

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Guest Curator Located At Or, Portland - Job Post By: Elisabeth Jones Art Center For Social And Environmental Justice

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