About the Job

As project manager you would be the primary point of contact between clients, in-house team members, subcontractors and suppliers. You will assume primary responsibility for the budget and timetable of complex projects - primarily interactive exhibits. You will work hand-in-hand with our designers, fabricators, other managers, and company president. In a given year you may work with 1 to 10 clients on relatively complex jobs that span 6 to 18 months.

About the Company

Creative Machines is a design and fabrication firm that creates interactive exhibits, rolling ball sculptures and high profile public art installations around the world. Composed of a diverse group of artists, architects, engineers, and fabricators, we are a multi-disciplinary company that creates work that yields deeper rewards with continued interaction. Since 1995, we have been making dynamic experiences for museums, science centers, libraries, hospitals, university campuses, transit stops, art museums, trade shows, and public spaces across the globe.

We have a strong company culture and a strong presence in the markets we serve. We have won awards in nearly every field we've entered. Most of our projects are designed in-house or in close collaboration with clients. Our 65,000 square foot facility lets us fabricate projects in-house, extending a consistency of vision to projects from start to finish.

About the Team

We have a collaborative design culture in which everyone is free to contribute, everyone's voice is valued, an emphasis on innovation and a strong attention to the business processes that support that culture of innovation. Every member of our team is self-motivated and invested in the success of the company as a whole.


You must be a project manager at heart. You love figuring out all the details of a project, how they are interrelated and marshaling them into a coherent whole that comes together over time. You also understand and love the world of design where some project requirements are absolute but others are complex and defined subjectively.

You need to be able to work with architectural and engineering drawings - everything from site plans down to dimensioned drawings of machined metal parts. It would be helpful but not essential if you can read electrical schematics. You will not be required to produce drawings, but you may be asked to modify or annotate drawings produced by our designers or outside firms in the interests of efficiency.

You need to enjoy talking with people about details. Your typical day will include hundreds of emails, phone calls, and visits to people's desks and the shop floor - each interaction becoming a tiny part of an evolving whole. You need to be able to dive into the details of a project without losing sight of the whole.

You will need certain skills right from the start:

  • Ability to read architectural and engineering drawings;

  • Ability to communicate effectively to both our staff and our clients verbally and in print;

  • Proficiency with Word and Excel. Adobe InDesign/Photoshop would be helpful. Rhino and/or Solidworks would be great;

  • An understanding of design vocabulary;

  • Working knowledge of how to make things.

Because human beings evolve over time, every role at Creative Machines evolves over time as we tackle new projects. Habits and tendencies are what guide personal and job evolution. Here is a list of what we are looking for:

  • Energy and enthusiasm. You have to love improving the built world because that is what we do.

  • Effective time management and task management;

  • Exceptional organizational skills;

  • An ability to manage clients while maintaining positive working relationships;

  • The desire to tackle new and challenging projects.

  • The ideal candidate has experience managing the production of interactive museum exhibits.

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    Project Manager Located At Az, Tucson - Job Post By: Creative Machines Inc.

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