The Gant in Aspen has an immediate opening for Full Time Room Attendant. Benefits and competitive wages.

OBJECTIVE: Provide the best and friendliest service to our guest and homeowners.

SCOPE: All functions as they pertain to the cleanliness and upkeep of the units and The Gant property as a whole.


  • Provide cheerful, efficient service for Gant owners and guests.

  • Know and understand all types of housecare services performed at The Gant: Stay-overs, Midweek, Checkouts, Trash & Towels, Deep Cleans and Construction Cleans.

  • Understand proper use of all cleaning chemicals.

  • Be responsible for cleaning assigned units or areas according to written performance standards in a timely and efficient manner, and completing all corrections as assigned by supervisor.

  • Dispose of all trash and ashes in designated trash compactor or ash can.  

  • Maintain the overall cleanliness of the property and Housecare work areas by keeping linen closets and storage areas neat and clean, and by being cautious regarding trash disposal.      

  • Ensure proper placement of clean linens on services and proper disposal of dirty linens in maid's closet bins.

  • Report to work promptly as scheduled and do not depart until released by supervisor.

  • Be responsible for all keys issued for the day.  Do not leave your keys anywhere or with anyone other than a Housekeeping Supervisor.  Turn in all keys to Housekeeping Supervisor before leaving for the day.

  • Punch in and out on phone system on all services.

  • Ensure that daily assignment sheet accurately reflects services performed.

  • Maintain neat, clean appearance, wearing Gant uniform, and nametag. 

  • Turn in lost and found items and tag items left behind by guests.            

  • Be willing to perform any tasks outside the normal job parameters that are assigned which may be required to help the Housekeeping Department or The Gant as a whole.


  • Prompt reporting of any maintenance/damage/missing items from units.

  • Promote good owner/guest relations through courteous service and special cleaning requests.                              

  • Attend all housekeeping meetings.

  • Adhere to Gant and Housekeeping Safety Rules.

  • Complete all off-season projects as assigned.          

  • Assist in training of new hires by upholding Gant standards of cleanliness and guest service by good example.


  • Dependable, stable work background.

  • Experience working with the public.

  • Good communications skills.                                  

  • Willingness to put in extra time or change schedule to achieve goals.

  • Ability to do several tasks at one time.

  • Ability to walk long distances.

  • Good body flexibility, good health, physically strong with the ability to perform the following repetitively, on a daily basis:

  • Climb stairs.

  • Bend over as when placing clean and/or dirty linens and towels, cleaning behind pieces of furniture, picking up items from floor, re-stacking firewood and cleaning bathtubs.

  • Kneel and crawl to clean various lower parts of units for such as baseboards and fireplace hearths.

  • Reach and stretch to clean under beds, overhead cabinets, ceilings, and under miscellaneous furniture.

  • Push, pull and carry a vacuum cleaner, various furniture, open and close dumpster doors, etc.

  • Stand on feet most of the day.

  • Lift and carry 25-50 pounds as when carrying dirty laundry and towels, large trash bags from unit to unit and to dumpsters, and furniture in units.

  • Get down on knees, bend over and clean behind a toilet.

  • Good manual dexterity.

  • Picking up small items such as hair or thread from the floor.

  • Washing dishes, cleaning small crevices.

  • Opening and closing doors, drawers and windows.

  • Making beds, folding blankets, etc.

  • Good eye for detail.

  • Good with numbers (addition and subtraction.)

  • Cheerful, cooperative attitude.


  • The primary work areas are the condominium units; property walkways, stairways, and elevators; housekeeping office, housekeeping closets, outbuildings, Conference Center, Administration offices, and other areas of The Gant property, including the grounds.

  • Extensive contact with cleaning chemicals and other tools required for cleaning units and other areas of The Gant property.

  • Standing, bending, stooping, kneeling, twisting, reaching, pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, and other repetitive movements.  Standing on feet most of the day.

  • Fast-paced work environment including contact with many other members of the staff.

  • Safety conscious behavior for yourself and your co-workers.  It is imperative that you immediately report any unsafe behavior or conditions that you become aware of. 

  • TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT:                                     

  • Cleaning tote.

  • Metal ash bucket.

  • Whisk broom and dust pan.

  • Rags.

  • Brooms.

  • Vacuum cleaners.

  • Stepstools.

  • Trash totes.

  • Cleaning chemicals

  • EOE.

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    Room Attendant Located At Co, Aspen - Job Post By: The Gant

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