Carestream Health is a dynamic global company with over 100 years of leadership. We are passionately committed to doing whatever it takes to help our customers be successful. It’s that simple and that clear.
We serve customers in the following market segments:


Non-destructive testing

Contract Manufacturing

Advanced Materials

Carestream Health is proud to be part of the Onex family of companies since 2007. Onex, one of Canada’s largest and most respected corporations, owns companies that include Advanced Integration Technology, Clarivate Analytics, Tecta America and WireCo WorldGroup.

Onex Corporation trades publicly on the Toronto stock exchange (OCX).

We are one of the top global providers of
digital radiography (DR) and computed
radiography (CR) systems, with a track record
for innovation, including the DRX family of
DR systems – featuring the advanced, wireless
DRX Plus Detector, compatible across all our
DRX equipment.
We have over 600 patents granted worldwide.
Our Non-Destructive Testing organization
has more than 75 years’ experience serving
customers in industrial safety and inspection
• Flexible DR and CR solutions that solve
work­ow, budget and space challenges
while reducing procedure times.
• Imaging systems combining Fluoroscopy and
General Radiography capabilities in a single,
compact unit.
• Cone Beam CT systems that allow for
weight-bearing extremity imaging.
• Laser imagers for printing medical images
of all types, including CT, MRI, ultrasound,
CR and DR.
• A broad range of valuable professional
services, including project management,
technology consulting and site planning.
Non-Destructive Testing
High-quality products for a wide range of
industrial applications, including aircraft
inspection, assemblies, castings and forensics,
to name a few.




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