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The Latest Stats on Women in the Workforce

Women have achieved a lot since they started working outside the home, and the number of women participating in the labor market keeps increasing, with periods of decline as well.  Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation Report for October 2022 shows the labor participation rate for both men and women is 62.2%, […]

Why Do People Quit Their Jobs? Retention Strategies to Reduce Employee Turnover

Workforce retention challenges took on new meaning during the recent Great Resignation when thousands and thousands of workers voluntarily left their jobs on the cutting room floor. But whether or not there’s a war for talent going on, employee turnover will always be an issue that needs a sound solution. Let’s look into why people […]

DiversityWorking Spotlight: Bass Pro Shops & Diversity in the Great Outdoors

DiversityWorking spotlights one of our partners: Bass Pro Shops. Learn about their DEI initiatives and how they’re improving diversity in the outdoors.